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We use Bondi sands  which is Australian made cruelty free tan . In just one application it  delivers a beautiful, golden bronze glow! 

The tan develops over 8 hours and lasts for up to a week.

We don't use the spray gun, we massage the Tan into your body. We have found this helps the Tan last longer and you get a more even coverage.


Prior to tanning please exfoliate, have no cream or deodorant on and wear, dark loose clothing .


Is fake tanning ok for sensitive skin? 

For people with skin sensitivities and allergies, fake tanning can often be a bit of a no-go zone as the DHA (the chemical compound that changes the colour of your skin) may kick start a skin reaction.


Luckily, self-tanning brands are now releasing fake tanners with naturally-derived DHA, which means there’s less chance of flaring up your allergies. Yay for you!


So if you’ve been one of those beauties who has had to keep far away from the faux glow, get set to start tanning, because your bronzing life is about to change. If you have especially sensitive skin I would recommend to pop in for a  patch test prior to the tan 


How long does it last? 

Between 3 to 6 days. After showering always apply a good body moisturiser, it will lock in the colour and help it fade evenly. If you're an avid swimmer though it can fade quicker, I would recommend to use a tan topper (body moisturiser with a small amount of self tan in it) everyday in that case.


Do I have to do anything prior or after having my tan? 

Shower, exfoliate and de fluff 24 hrs before tanning. Wear dark loose clothes and don't wear any body creams, perfumes or deoderants to the tanning session. 


Do I need to take off all my clothes? 

Some treatments - full-body massages, for instance, require a certain level of nudity. However, you will never have to appear fully naked in front of your  therapist. With the careful draping and arranging of towels, massage therapists can expose only the parts of the body they are working on, while leaving the rest covered.


Having a tan is a little different - in this situation you will be required to expose all parts of your body that you want tanned. So, if you want your stomach, thighs, breasts and buttocks to have a bronzed glow, you're going to have to let your therapist  see them.


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