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London Butter



Professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting will bring out the depth and colour of your eyes. Tinting usually lasts between 2 and 4 weeks .


While your tint is processing enjoy a scalp massage. We use Refectocil tints.

Refectocil Sensitive is the first eyelash/brow tint that works based on plant extracts, with yarrow, horse extract, juniper, goldenrod, nettle, blueberry, chaste berry, red wine extract.
Dermatologically and Opthalmologically tested.

Available in 4 colours - Black, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown.

  Brow Stain - Lasts up to 10 days , grabs the skin as  well as the hair gives  a fuller look while still being natural looking 

Pls note you can't swim or get the brows wet for up to 24hrs after treatment for best results

$30    20min 

Brow Lamination 30 min $60

Brow Lamination Package 50 min $115

includes lamination , brow tint and tidy 

Lamination is the   perfect solution for adding definition and depth to the brows. If you’ve been looking for the perfect product to give your brows that natural but defined look, then this treatment is perfect for you 


Eyelash Tint / 20 min - $30

Eyebrow Tint / 20 min - $25

Eyebrow or Eyelash Tint with Facial - $17

(Discounted tinting when booked with any facial treatment).


Is it ok to tint with senstive skin? 

Generally tinting is fine on sensitive skins. If you have especially sensitive skin and are prone to reactions, I would recommend a patch test a week before getting the tint done. 


How long does the tint last for? 

Brow tints slowly begin to fade back to their original shade within 3-4 weeks.



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