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Massage therapy is one of the oldest and most effective forms

of healing in the world. Whether it’s to ease muscular discomfort

or  it’s just a little bit of nurturing you need, massage is a great

way to unwind, rest and repair. 


All our massage beds are heated for your comfort. Hot stones

and heat pillows are also used throughout the treatment. 

We conclude all our massages with a back exfoliant and 

warm cup of tea in bed 


We also cater for mums to be, we have a custome made

pregnancy bed where mum can lay comfortably on her tummy

throughout the massage.

Treatment time includes 15 min for undressing/dressing making

a trip to the bathroom 

 We want you to take your time and not be hurried.


½ hr $72 

1 hr $120

What are the benefits of regular massage? A regular massage can help by; reducing or eliminating pain, Improving joint mobility, circulation, lymphatic drainage whilst reducing muscular tension and relieving feelings of stress and/or anxiety


Do I need to take off all my clothes? Some treatments - full-body massages, for instance, require a certain level of nudity. However, you will never have to appear fully naked in front of your  therapist. With the careful draping and arranging of towels, massage therapists can expose only the parts of the body they are working on, while leaving the rest covered.


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