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Harumi Macphail – Founder of the Healing Tree 


Originally from Japan, Harumi has been living in Australia since 2008.

The Healing Tree was born out of Harumi’s own personal health

transformation. In 2007 Harumi was diagnosed with a serious

lung disease, the doctors told her that the only way to treat it was

through the use of strong steroids and if left untreated, it could

spread to her heart. 


The use of strong steroids and the possible side affects didn’t

sit well with Harumi, so she decided to explore alternative ways

of treating her illness. 


Through studying different natural therapy modalities and taking

on a more holistic lifestyle approach, Harumi completely healed

her illness. 


Harumi’s passion is helping others uncover their own power of healing. 


Harumi is available every Friday here at Wild Ginger Beauty 


To make a booking simply text her directly on 0478 153 878 


Facial /Foot reflexology 

30 min $50

60 min $80 

90 min $120 

Foot Reflexology & Qi Balancing 

90 mins $140

Includes foot massage and foot mask 

Lymphatic Drainage 

60 min $80 

90min $120 


Sound Healing 

90min $150 

Sound Healing can also  be added to any treatment 

30min $50

60min $100

Ayurvedic Body Balancing 

90min $150 

BACH flower therapy 

BACH flower therapy

60min $80

Bach Flower remedy and facial reflexology 

90mn $120


Japanese Cosmo face lifting 

60min $120 


Japanese Cosmo face lifting with Tibetan Back Massage 

90min $170 




Petit Retreat 

2hrs 30min $240 

Includes sound healing , facial reflexology , chakra balancing ,

Tibetan back and neck massage and Bach flower remedie.

Relax Package 

120min $190 

Facial w Crystals and foot reflexology

Tibetan back massage 

Sound Healing and Chakra balancing 

Rejuvenate Pack 

120 min $220 

Cosmo Face Lift with Crystal and organic face mask 

Colour Light Therapy 

Foot Reflexology and mini sound healing 

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