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Bride to be Package

Bride to be Package


A wedding is an opportunity like no other for you to get pampered and be treated like a queen.

While the elaborate beauty and bathing rituals of the ancient queens required the help of many hands at her disposal, us  modern queens have to make peace with the best available beauty treatments available in salons. Enter our pre-bridal skincare and treatment package 


Ideally, you want to get a couple of  facials done in the months leading up to your wedding as well as using the best skincare 


Our Personalised skin care and facial  package  has all your skin care need pre wedding facial care  completely covered 


The package Includes 3 months worth of skincare and treatmenst  hand picked and curated specifically for you to use and have  leading up to the big day


 Skincare Pack includes 

Facial  cleanser

 Day & night cream

 Face serum

 Face exfoliant

Body scrub & Body moisturiser 


x 3 LED light therpay facials to have leading up to the wedding 

x 1 Eye brow and Lash package that includes and Eyebrow wax, tint  , Eyelash tint and lash lift 



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