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About Raffaela

Raffaela is the owner and Expert of Perfettobrows. At a very young age she loved to paint nails, perfect her hair and tweeze her eyebrows, today she is proudly highly qualified in Beauty Therapy and licensed in Microblading, lash lift and Henna Brow. She is also qualificated with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design that comes in handy for all business designs.


With over five years experience and an internationally renowned certification, she started Perfettobrows to refine the natural look throughout eyebrows and lashes, supporting only brands that do not test on animals. As a perfectionist her goal is on achieving perfection for all clients. She takes very seriously the trust people place in her, and that is why she promises you will never get anything less than her absolute BEST.

Perfettobrows Eyebrow Specialist is about complimenting eyebrows that are a unique feature of each individual, letting their natural beauty shine through. Perfettobrows doesn't sell brows, they fix them!

We are so excited to have Raffaela working with us at Wild Ginger Beauty every Wednesday - 9 till 6pm.


Please txt Raffaela on 0404 723 374 to book. 

You can find the Perfettobrows instagram below. 

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