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Girl Undiscoverd

Is a skincare brand from  New Zealand . At every step of the production they use ethical and sustainable business practices . Connecting with small , grassroots economies and contributing to the communities who work along side them ,  All products are grown free from harsh chemicals / pesticides and their sources are 100% traceable  .

They have 3 beautiful products in their range , Under the waterfall crystal cleansing water , stumbled across paradise face mask and star aligning organic elixir oil .

BITE Beauty 

BITE Beauty is an innovative edible lipstick line that has taken the organic beauty world to the next level . BITE is completely free of nasties instead they are derived from natural and food grade ingredients .

They have an amazing range of lip liners , lip sticks and lip glosses .

W3ll people organic make up

W3ll people is uncommon beauty dream team founded by an elite makeup artist, cosmetic dermatologist and treehugging entrepreneur.Our modern approach to beauty is built on simplicity, authenticity and performance. We get that you want minimalist makeup, but need instant gratification.


 No fillers, propylene glycol, petrochemicals or petroleum by-products

• Handcrafted in small batches in the USA

• Tested in the W3LL PEOPLE studio by our green beauty pros–cruelty free

Anna Lotan

Anna Lotan products are manufactured on the Mediterranean coast near the ancient Roman city of Caesarea. 


Anna Lotans goal has been to use pure and active natural products, minimizing the need for chemical preservatives and emulsifiers to stabilize formulations. As a result, we have created a wide range of products which are especially kind to the skin, cruelty free, friendly to the environment and based on renewable ingredients.


Anna Lotan follows socially responsible business practices, uses cruelty free, natural, renewable resources and supports both environmental and social programs which empower people to improve their lives.

Sienna Nail Polish

Hailing from the sunny shores of Byron Bay, Sienna nail polish have the cleanest formal on the market. They strive to be as Eco friendly as possible with the start to finish of production all done in Australia to keep carbon footprint low. All components of their product are vegan and cruelty free.

Bestow Beauty

Bestow is a philosophy of skincare that is made up of rituals and functional foods lovingly created to support your inner health . 


This is a beauty powder unlike no other, because you apply it from within. It's an edible cosmetic packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Great for skin, body, hair and nails. Beauty powder is packed with super nourishing blend of flaxseeds, fibre, kelp, spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa, coconut, black current extract and pumpkin flour.


Australian made and hand crafted in small batches .Each Hanako essence and scent are made up of  essential oils, flower essences and crystal infused water. Unlike test tube fragrances these beautiful essences stay close to the skin to develop a unique scent based upon their own chemistry. These beautiful vibrational essences support and help balance mind, body and soul.


Ahava is the definitive Dead Sea mineral beauty expert. They have a comprehensive range of products that target specific skin concerns. All Ahava products are paraben, SLS/SLES free. No animal sourced ingredients, PETA certification for cruelty free and vegan. Produced without petroleum, harsh synthetic ingredients or GMO,s.

Skin Deep

New Zealand is the home of Manuka Honey and Manuka & Kanuka essential oils - world renowned for their unique healing and antibacterial properties.Skin Deep has captured and combined these pure ingredients together to provide rejuvenating Facial, Body, and Spa products. 


Skin deep has developed a safe, easy to use skin care regime that utilizes the wonderful benefits of this unique honey with a UMF activity rated 12+.

Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon specializes in handcrafted, herbal body care products. Like a witch over a cauldron, founder Rachel Budde experiments with age­old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions to craft innovatively simple products that are good for the body and the earth.


Many of the herbs used in Fat and the Moon have been home grown on the organic farm inhabited by the Fat and the Moon team. Everything is made in small batches from organic ingredients. Started as an alternative to the toxic, mass­production body care industry, Fat and the Moon products remain extremely close to their source.


Budde also carefully considers what her potions live in. Plastic is used sparingly, and all of the packaging is set up to be a joy to reuse and a breeze to recycle. We should take as much care selecting the things we put on our bodies as we do in shopping for the foods we put in them. The goal of Fat and the Moon is to make that a pleasure! 

Eco Tan

Eco Tan made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian  government .They are Accredited Toxic Free and Vegan . Eco Tan have a great range of tans and natural  zinc bases sunscreens that are reef friendly .

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