JENTL reusable Bamboo Facial Rounds

JENTL reusable Bamboo Facial Rounds


After using Bamboo Facial Rounds, you'll never look back to those cheap and nasty throw away cotton pads covered in plastic.

Each facial round is 100% bamboo with one side terrycloth and the other side bamboo velour. 
Bamboo is one of the worlds fastest growing plants, growing up to 1m in 24 hours and creates 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees.

12 Pack - Reusable 100% bamboo cotton rounds, 80mm diameter, Including Laundry Bag. 

JENTL was created to bring awareness to living a low impact lifestyle and introduce every day alternatives to reduce waste. 

Their focus as a company is to inspire change and encourage our community to introduce new habits with compassion to the environment. 

All of their business practices have been thought through with the environment in mind including shipping, packaging, materials

They are proudly a sustainable, ethical and environmentally harmonious business