Hanako Redwood Forest Essence

Hanako Redwood Forest Essence


This essence encourages the spreading of one’s roots and nourishing the parts of you that are of the highest calibre, helping you become firm in these foundations. Like old leaves and branches fall, same goes with shedding beliefs and value systems that are no longer in alignment with one’s growth for a higher purpose. It’s like an unlocking of the psyche, looking at what’s important and nourishing it more, letting it penetrate in the veins. There is a natural, organic way of growth, opening and expanding that is not forced in nature, this essence helps us learn to gracefully “Be” and go at our own pace, while we keep growing, shedding and reaching towards the light.

Hanako’s Essences are an under the tongue remedy that assist to support emotional wellbeing and encourage transformation for soul development and growth. When patterns of behaviour become stuck, essences serve to illuminate other pathways of being, helping to support an awakening of one’s inner self and encourage healing to take place on a subtle yet deep level and help transform consciousness beyond your present state. 
Hanako's essences are flower and environmental essences, where water is carefully infused with the vibrational energetic imprint of either the flower or sacred environment. 
They are then blended in with 25% Brandy, which acts as a preservative and helps to keep the tincture pure in its properties. If you are Alcohol sensitive the remedy can either be rubbed onto the skin or dropped into the crown of the head. 

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